How to Save on Car Insurance

There is a number of tricks and tips that could help you save on your car insurance (Forsikring) . It is up to the car owner to stay aware of the discounts provided by companies as well as the tricks used by most drivers. You should understand that determinant factors control the rates for car insurance. Some of these factors are designed to help make lesser payment to encourage consistency and good driving behaviour.

Ensure that you choose an insurer who has the well pointed out policies so that you can stand a chance to benefit from their discounts. It is always wise to try and ask for clarification for you to be on the same page with your insurer (Nemi Forsikring) . Below are some few points you should keep in mind if you want to save some money from auto insurance.

Credit Score

Some of the insurance providers are checking the credit scores to determine your insurance rate. Check it out and work to improve it by being consistent and early on your loan repayments. It is hard to disclose the formula used b the management, but it would be a good thing to note that an individual with a credit score of 700 points will have a better chance to attract lower premiums when compared with a person with 500 points.

Good Grades

Students who are highly rated for good behaviour and driving skills stand a chance to save on car insurance. You may be lucky enough and get a company that offers up to 10% discount. It is a way to imply that the students have al the driving skill to be qualified drivers. The benefits are enjoyed by full-time students, both college and high school.

Going Green

Some companies are providing a rebate for individuals who decide to switch to green. It helps reduce the congestion of paper statement for most companies which tend to reward clients by lowering their insurance rate.


Another trick for a driver to try out is reducing the car mileage every year. Some insurance companies offer up to 10% discount to clients who choose to go green by working with energy-efficient car models. Individuals who possess such cars are considered as better risk takers which trigger the insurance companies to reduce their rates.

Safety and Protection

Installing safety add ons in your car will affect your premiums. Safety features could include safety airbags, anti-lock brakes, stolen-car tracking systems, fuel or ignition cutoff switches, VIN etchings among many others. You may also get a 10% discount on your insurance premiums by taking defensive driving classes. You may also be enlisted as a well-behaved driver with no charges which can earn you the good driver discount of up to 20% discount.